Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire Safety

We learned about fire safety rules. We learned what to do if there is a fire in our house, in our school, and how to Stop, Drop, and Roll.

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Science tools

Every week we go to the science lab. We reinforce concepts that we study in the classroom. During this visit, we explored different science tools.


We created a brace map to show the parts of apples.

Literacy Workstations

During the first six weeks we have worked on setting up our literacy workstations. Workstations reinforce skills and concepts that we have learned as a whole group. While students are in workstations, I will begin pulling small groups of students to work on reading.

In the writing workstation, students are practicing handwriting and working on drawing detailed pictures and writing a sentence to match.

In the reading workstation, students work on reading books by telling the story using the pictures. They also are beginning to find word wall words that we have learned.

At the poetry workstation, students work on putting the poem in order by words.

In the ABC workstation, students work on sorting letters based on if they have straight lines, curved lines, or both. They also work on matching capital and lowercase letters.

Helpful and Hurtful Words

During the first weeks of school, we discussed ways to treat our friends. We made our first heart of hurtful words. After we wrote things that we wouldn't want our friends to tell us, we crumpled the heart to show what mean words can do to our hearts. Then we smoothed it back out to show that even with an, "I'm sorry." our hearts are never the same again. Then we made our new heart of helpful and nice things to say to our friends!


We have studied patterns. We looked for patterns in our classroom and in the school. We focused on AB, AAB, ABB, and ABC patterns. We also made pattern headbands to wear!